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When folks pay a whole lot of money for security, most often all they are buying is -

The Perception of Security

When you see or hear that guy from LifeLock. You know the one - "My social security number is 457-55-5462. My name is Todd Davis. Yada Yada" Did you ever wonder if it was for real, if it really works, if they were merely selling something that you can get for free anyway, it's just another scam? I went to their web site and read all the testimonials, then I looked a bit further down the page in the results from a simple Google search, and ayup... sorry to say, our suspicions once again were correct.

So what do you need to do? Get a hold of one of those credit reporting services TransUnionEquifax,   Experian  and ask them to put a security freeze on your account. The trick is, that your request for a credit freeze has to be renewed every 90 days. This is what the credit reporting services themselves will try their very best to sell you, an automatic renewal of what you already can get for free, by law. This is not such a horrible thing, is it? They may charge you two dollars more a month than even LifeLock does for the same thing. Again, too much money for what you can already get for free. If only you can remember to renew it every 90 days. One more nuisance or pay the man $120 to $140 a year.

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